5 cannabis storage mistakes to avoid

Do you want to know the cannabis storage mistakes to avoid? Do you want to have your weed as fresh and potent as possible anytime like you just got it from a cannabis store? Do not stress out; we present to you 5 cannabis storage mistakes you must avoid. Read further.

1. Not Caring to Store Cannabis

Not attempting to store your weed is the first storage mistake you can make. With this nonchalant attitude, you may leave it anywhere and that will result in poor weed quality. This will undoubtedly make the cannabis degrade and lose its potency. Eventually, the cannabis will turn into mere junk without any attempt to store it. Store your cannabis appropriately immediately after you take it out of a cannabis store.

2. Keeping Cannabis Near Heat Sources

Another storage mistake about storing cannabis is storing it very close to heat sources, such as microwaves, radiators, electrical heaters, and lots more. Heat damages cannabis by making it dry, withered, and discoloured. Cannabis kept near a heat source will undoubtedly have an unhealthy look and yellow-tinted discolouration. Avoid creating heat stress for your weed by storing it close to a heat source – it will cause its cannabinoid degradation. 

3. Storing Cannabis in a Refrigerator or Freezer

You may have heard that keeping your cannabis in a freezer will make it fresh. This is undoubtedly a storage mistake you must avoid. Exposing cannabis to extreme and fluctuating temperatures will result in irreversible degradation. Extreme temperatures will cause its trichomes to become fragile and damaged. As a result, do not keep your cannabis near or in a freezer.

4. Leaving Cannabis in Direct Sunlight

Another storage mistake you must avoid by all means is leaving your cannabis in direct sunlight. The ultraviolet light from sunlight can damage cannabis within a short time. The UV light will not only tan the weed but also destroy its living tissue and organic molecules. The potency of cannabis embedded in its organic molecules, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, will become diminished. Consequently, the cannabis will lose its aroma, flavour, potency, and overall quality. Given the above, do not leave cannabis near a window where it will be exposed to sunlight.

5. Exposing Cannabis to High Humidity

An overly moist environment is unhealthy for cannabis. Although a certain level of humidity is needed to make cannabis retain its freshness, extremely high humidity will make it vulnerable to mould and fungi, which will cause harm when consumed or smoked. 


Avoid the 5 storage mistakes discussed above to get maximum value and quality from your cannabis.  The freshness, potency, and aroma of cannabis make it desirable to users.