Birthday celebrations games have always been about enjoying the moment, and these games for kids aged 5, 6, and 7 seem to be ideal for your next gathering.

Youngsters are beginning to realize that party fun games will include rewards from the moment they begin, however they are still disappointed if one player wins it all and they will be left out. Hold the party games for all of this age category very simple, just like the fun gameplay for pre-schoolers, and don’t throw quite so much focus on winning and losing. Check this: 6 jahre geburtstag

Animal Antics

This is a brilliant game if you’re having an animal-themed celebration, but it’s also a great deal of fun regardless of the theme. It’s especially useful if you’re entertaining a large group of kids. Simply mumble an animal’s name into every other children’s ear, attempting to make sure to tell at least 2 kids about each living creature. Your invitees begin acting a bit like their living creature (using strange sounds and behavior) just on the count of five and attempt to find someone else in the space who is acting similarly.

Get Out Of My Chair

Throughout this game, there seem to be no clear winners, and there’s no end.

Begin by arranging chairs, coffee tables, or pillowcases in a circle big enough to accommodate anyone except the b’day kid. The b’day child takes a central position and tells, “What I’d like that for my b’day is,” before finishing on something that the other youngsters in the house have. Brown eyes, an eco-friendly T-shirt, long hair, wrinkles, eyewear… the list goes on. Any toddlers who are doing what the b’day child queries should get out of their seats and quickly switch with another youngster who has had the same requirement.

Memory Game

Put about 6–12 commonplace items on a brunch tray, and make it known what they might be. If your party has a concept, you can make sure that all of the items are in keeping with it. Display the guests the brunch tray and request them to attempt to recall everything within their heads. Consider taking the plate out from the house and eliminating either one-two unit after they’ve had a few seconds to think about it. When you reintroduce the tray into the hallway, the children will take turns guessing what’s lacking.

Fishing for Prizes

Collect small, lightweight prizes like decals, small sticky notes, and marker pens. Place every reward in your ‘fish pond’ with a big paper clip on top. A fish pond can be anything from a paddling pool to a large box to a simple blanket just on the ground. Allow each kid to go fishing for their prize using bait with just a magnet at the back of the line.


With this age category, charades are much more about trying to act out such activity or an item and less about attempting to portray an entire film title word by word. This play will be either an immediate hit or a total disaster relying on your attendees, so keep it easy and get engaged yourself.

The chocolate game

The chocolate game was an all-time favorite. But, as with all masterpieces, it just never gets old and improves for each game! Even though they’ve spent so long eating treats all day, kids go crazy trying and get to that chocolate bar in the midst.

Winding Down – Hide the treat bag

Many kids are playing along searching for another game while you feel the need to say hi to the caregiver and start giving their kid a treat bag. ‘Hide the Treat Bag’ is a fun way to keep the kids occupied whilst also they sit tight for their ride back home.