Air-conditioner servicing: How Should You Do It

  • Many people do wait up until their air conditioning unit is making a strange sound or isn’t running correctly before they ask for service. But did you know that if your air conditioner appears to be running smoothly, it can lose around 5% of its functional effectiveness each year?
  • With regular maintenance with Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical a system will maintain as much as 95% of its original performance. This means that the expense of a routine solution is rapidly recouped in financial savings on your regular monthly electrical energy expense, as well as in decreased repair service prices. A properly serviced air conditioner will additionally do a better task of dehumidifying your home.

When should you have your yearly “tune-up?”

The response, typically, remains in the spring. There are two major reasons:

  • You wish to ensure your system is running efficiently, at its optimum ability, as well as its minimal power usage, before you really require to utilize it.
  • You are most likely to get a prompter service if you organize it for before solution technicians obtain hectic in the heavy cooling season.
  • There is an exemption, though: If your system is making odd sounds or doesn’t appear to be functioning effectively you need to have it looked at immediately.

What does a routine service entail?

An air conditioning service technician will check out as well as listen to your AC unit very closely. At a minimum, things s/he will do will include:

  • Tidy the condensing system coils
  • Check the amp draw of the compressor and all components
  • Tidy the evaporator coils
  • Oil the fan electric motors, if called for
  • Check the system operating pressures against the maker’s requirements
  • Examine the system running temperature levels against the supplier’s requirements
  • Check the belts are all limited, as well as well changed
  • Examine the cooling agent level
  • Tighten all electrical terminals
  • Check the thermostats and sensors
  • Examine all ductwork for air leaks, as well as damages
  • Examine, as well as examine condensate tray, drains pipes, as well as P-trap
  • Inspect operation of all zone electric motors
  • Check all safety gadgets

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