Aura Kingdom 2: A Beginner’s Guide to Success

Aura Kingdom 2 is a popular classic MMORPG that has been developed by X-Legend. The game is gaining immense popularity, especially among Android users. It is available on the Redfinger platform, and players can enjoy the game without any glitches or interruptions. If you are new to this game, this article will provide you with some top tips and tricks to enjoy playing Aura Kingdom 2.

Character Overview

Aura Kingdom 2 has four character classes to choose from. Shinobi is a traditional assassin that has high critical damage and attack. Dragoon is a melee fighter with high attack and defense. Elementalist is a magician with all stats in balance and can attack several enemies simultaneously. Nymph is an archer that boasts excellent critical damage and attack.

In the initial stages, leveling up characters is easy once the storyline missions are completed. However, it becomes challenging to level up once you reach level 55-60, and completing quests alone won’t be enough. Exploring the Dungeons is essential to level up your character. You can also activate books of experience, scrolls, and guild effects to increase the experience gained.


Dungeons Overview

Dungeons play a vital role in leveling up your character in Aura Kingdom 2. Each Dungeon has three levels of difficulty, and you gain rewards according to the level you complete. The history of activity can be passed by one player or in a team with other gamers.

The passage of the tower is reset to zero daily, and you gain prizes for winning at each stage. You must take health potions with you when fighting monsters as there is no way to heal between levels.

Guild Guide

Joining a guild in Aura Kingdom 2 can provide several benefits, including opening new activities, obtaining achievements, and daily guild rewards. Guild buildings include the Beacon, Ship, Quest, Altar, and Guild War.

The leader can set the activation time of the Beacon, and when it is activated, players at the guild base will constantly gain experience. The Ship activity is designed to repel attacks on the Alliance Ship, and partnering with members of the guild is essential to protect the ship.

In the Quest activity, players can receive rewards by completing ten daily tasks. Each participant must offer the Altar special ritual stones to summon the Primal. The guild leader can change the Primal, and the daily summoning time is three times. The purpose of the Guild War event is to destroy the enemy’s fortress. The guild war is divided into four stages, including registration, matchmaking, preparation, and battle.

Equipment Guide

In Aura Kingdom 2, you can inlay different types of equipment with gems. Different types of equipment have different slots for inlaid gems. Additional slots are unlocked with an increase in level. Clicking the “Quick Inlay” button will allow the system to independently select and install the best set of gems.

Players can use “Quick Inlay” and the system to insert the highest level gems into the equipment automatically. Collecting different types of gems is advisable to enhance combat power. Gold and gems (material) are required as materials to improve basic gems. If the enhancement is successful, the main stone will increase.

Advancing the equipment requires meeting certain conditions. Items must be of the same quality, and the level of equipment must be chosen. Using crystals to enhance the rank is essential. The rank-up crystals that you receive from scrapping equipment will be of the same quality as the piece of equipment players scrapped.