Botox Can Be the Solution To Your Gummy Smile

When one grins, the lip sits high on the gums, resulting in a gummy smile. In a grin, we usually anticipate seeing only the pinkish (gingiva) small “triangles” between the teeth. A conventional or “perfect” grin exposes no more than 2 millimetres of upper gum tissues, but a “gummy” smile may reveal 3 millimetres or more. People with a “gummy” grin may perceive their teeth to be smaller than usual, hesitant to smile, or even self-conscious about their smile. A “gummy” grin, on the other hand, can be enhanced with Botox treatment.

What Can a Botox Do For a Gummy Smile?

Botox may quickly and successfully cure a gummy grin. The best aspect of this treatment is that it is non-invasive and rapid! Botox contains specific properties that can relax upper lip muscles and prevent the rise of the upper lip when smiling, allowing the gums to remain covered. Two or more Botox units are injected between the nose and upper lip to eliminate the appearance of any “gummy” grin, resulting in a more pleasing and natural smile.

Again, Botox is a less intrusive technique for treating a gummy grin. When you smile, the upper lip that has been relaxed with Botox no longer contracts or raises as much. The procedure is effective, and the outcomes often last three months. Returning to work immediately after treatment is possible, and benefits are frequently virtually rapid, with its impact happening within two weeks.

What Are the Benefits?

Here are some advantages of using Botox to cure a gummy smile:

  • Botox injections are not painful and become less so with repeated treatments.
  • As soon as the treatment is over, recovery begins.
  • Botox is less expensive than surgery and other treatment alternatives.
  • The results are both natural and rapid.
  • Injections can be tailored to the individual to get the desired outcomes.

What Are the Costs?

The cost of a Botox treatment for a gummy smile varies on the amount of Botox units used, the severity of the case, the expected outcomes, and other factors. Botox is often less expensive than other surgical procedures. However, it must be repeated every 4-6 months to maintain the effects. In addition, depending on the complexity of the case and the desired outcomes, you may require more than one gummy grin treatment. Thus the cost may vary based on the number of procedures needed.

How Long Does Botox Take to Affect Gummy Smiles?

The outcomes are not instantaneous. You should wait 2 or 3 days after the Botox injection to observe an improvement. The upper lip elevation will progressively diminish, and the entire outcome will be seen 14 days after treatment. You might also be asked to return to your dentist after 2 to 3 weeks. This is to examine the efficacy of the treatment and determine whether any more changes are required. Depending on the outcomes desired, more injections may be necessary.