Cost of egg and embryo freezing: What you need to know 

Embryo prevention cost is Rs 25,000 + 5000 (Every year), and Frozen Embryo Transfer price is Rs 25000 IVF. Usually, in IVF, the female produces several embryos, among which only a single or few seeds are used, and the remaining are unused after the first cycle by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

The feasibility of becoming pregnant using a frozen embryo is never affected by the period a seed has been stored. Most couples prefer to freeze them for later use or donate them to others for treatment, research, or training purposes under the egg donation center in Noida. However, all sources do not survive freezing; only a few can. In a few cases, sperm is also stored.


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Egg Freezing RS. 25,000 + 5000 (Every Year)

A couple can choose sperm and embryo freezing in the following cases:

  • To keep optional seeds for the second IVF cycle.
  • If past medical treatments are interrupting your fertility potential
  • You need to undergo a gender change procedure.
  • A written agreement is taken for embryo freezing in India from the partner. Embryos are created by IVF procedure and are chosen for freezing, suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

The agreement describes the period embryos will be frozen and other terms like future use or embryo donation.

The exact method for using your frozen embryos varies, leaning on your circumstances and the type of treatment your clinic offers under the egg donation center in Noida.

If your menstruation is regular and treatment is offered daily, a physician may recommend following a natural cycle suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida. On the other hand, for irregular periods, drugs are prescribed for ovulation.

Benefits of egg freezing

Fertility conservation: 

A healthy mother may be able to have an IVF baby to term carefully up to at least age 50. So, having egg cells cryopreserved from her 20s or 30s means she can slow pregnancy and still hope to have and deliver a healthy baby suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

Fertility preservation for transgender people:

Those who undergo genital gender-affirming surgery may harvest and conserve their eggs before starting testosterone therapy, allowing them to have a baby later transferred by a gestational carrier under the egg donation center in Noida.

Health issues:

Chemotherapy, radiation, and pelvic operation all pose the possibility of infertility. Other medical complications, such as a family record of early menopause, BRCA gene mutations, endometriosis, gathering ovarian failure, or sickle cell anemia, are reasons a woman might want to follow egg freezing.

Preparation process:

Before the egg-freezing method starts, a doctor will take an extensive medical history focusing on fertility, assess the regularity of the menstrual period, and perform a dimension of blood tests to determine hormone levels at the egg donation center in Noida.

A woman’s ovaries typically release one egg monthly. When fewer eggs are accessible for freezing, the possibilities of a successful pregnancy are lower suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

The number and type of hormones vary. Treatment will typically include:

  • Around two weeks of injections with FSH and LH encourage the ovaries to produce more eggs.
  • An injection of gonadotropin-releasing hormone about halfway through the cycle prevents ovulation from taking place too early in the process.
  • An injection of hCG to trigger discharge

A doctor will execute regular blood tests to observe the effects of hormone medications suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida. The female will also have at least one sonography to detect ovulation and assess egg development at the egg donation center in Noida.

Features that impact the accomplishment of egg freezing and thawing methods include:

  • Age on freezing the eggs:Immature women tend to release more eggs that are less appropriate to have anomalies.
  • Age at the time of egg thawing and IVF:Immature women are more suitable to have effective pregnancies.
  • Sperm quality:Healthy sperm is more appropriate to release a healthy embryo and an effective pregnancy.
  • The number of eggs:Freezing a more significant number of eggs offers more opportunities for adequate IVF periods.

How long will frozen eggs last?

Freezing an egg stops it from aging. A frozen egg, several years old, will typically have a better possibility of fertilization than a fresh egg from a mature woman under the egg donation center in Noida.

Most accomplishments on frozen eggs examined eggs that were a few months old. The length of time a professional can freeze eggs remains to be determined and suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

Most researchers advise freezing eggs in the mid-to-late twenties for use after 30 years of age. Women examining IVF in the future should only delay it as long as necessary under the egg donation center in Noida.