Discover The Different Types Of Dining Room Styles

A dining room is not a place to eat; it’s an area where you create memories with your friends and family. It’s a special place for us all, so you should decorate the place with proper planning. Planning depends on what type of decoration you want, like warm and cosy, colourful and stylish, or a mixture of both styles.

This article will guide you in choosing different types of Dinning Room styles.

A Guide To Style Your Dining Room

1. Traditional Farmhouse Style

Gingham patterns and big trestle tables evoke the traditional farmhouse-style dining room (ห้อง กิน ข้าว, which is the term in Thai). This simple look represents a feeling of family dinners and holidays. Further, add simple pendent lights and rugged accents to enhance the look. Complete the look with an antique ladder to keep the table liners.

2. Craftsman Dining Room

Craftsman style includes the DIY element. You can put craft work of your children or handmade curtains and table cover. There is numerous way you can infuse your artwork in the dining room. It is good to go for traditional with metal chairs for the dining table.

3. Vintage Dining Room

If you are a party lover, then this is the best style. A dining table with fancy curved chairs and dark varnishes fits this style best. Besides, add a look of classic hand chandeliers and vintage floral patterns. Here you can use a breadbox to keep table liners.

4. Casual Dining Room

Casual dining rooms are for relaxing families. It all focuses on comfort without any unnecessary decorations. A textured chair or armchair will fit good in this style. Additionally, you can add a simple bench on one side of the dining table. Place some potted plants and candles to uplift the look.

5. Modern Dining Room

Modern dining rooms are fun, with lots of natural lights and large windows. Moreover, to enhance the look, add bold colours, or you can mix and match with white or grey and bold colours. A natural stone table and kitchen island will give your dining table a stunning look. Complete the look with solid colour curtains and simple lights.

6. Nook

Dining Nook creates a perfect breakfast spot or casual eating kitchen space. All you need is round tables, branches and chairs. Finally, place a loveseat against the wall.

Bottom Lines

Hopefully, now you have enough ideas for decorating your dining room with simple pieces of furniture. The best way to buy furniture and light is to visit the showroom to check them personally.