Get The Selfie-Friendly Pout You Deserve With Corner Lip Lift

Your face says a lot about you and is a mirror of your emotions and feelings while you engage in conversations or stay silent. With so much limelight on their face, many people are concerned about their lips. Corners of your mouth turning downward might make you look aged or give an unattractive expression.

While you can always use various cosmetic fillers to add volume to your lips, the corner lip lift is the ideal procedure to correct downturned upper lips and restore your radiance.

Know what Corner Lip Lift is

With ageing, our upper lip keeps elongating and makes the lip corners turn downwards. This turns your appearance aggressive and rowdy. It can even make you look sad and tense, despite how happy you are. The corner lip lift is an easy cosmetic procedure which lifts the mouth corners for a better appearance and merrier expression.

What Are the Perks of Undergoing a Corner Lip Lift Procedure?

The corner lip lift procedure is a widely-acclaimed solution to improve the mouth’s appearance by rendering a defined lip shape. One gains confidence and a boost in their self-esteem after having gone through this procedure. Other perks of corner lip lift surgery are:

  • Improves your lips’ proportion, shape and overall balance.
  • Reduces the downturned mouth’s look.
  • The procedure takes little time and is usually over within a couple of hours.
  • The procedure offers permanent results and doesn’t need any dermal fillers for re-application.
  • The results you experience will look natural.
  • You will get younger-appearing lips.
  • It is a great lip-enhancement procedure for those who develop allergic reactions to dermal fillers.

What Can You Expect During the Corner Lip Lift Procedure?

One might have to spare only 90 minutes for the corner lip lift (ศัลยกรรม ยก มุม ปาก, which is the term in Thai) procedure to finish. While some patients might ask the healthcare provider to sedate them. In most cases, local anaesthesia will do to keep the surgical region comfortable.

Here’s What The Surgeon Does During The Procedure:

  • the doctor will remove a very thin layer of skin from your mouth corners in a triangle shape.
  • He will reverse the long downturn and result in a slight lift. This will ensure that your lip is lifted to about a few millimetres.
  • After the skin layer removal, the doctor will suture the surgery place so it blends with your vermillion border. Vermillion border is the place where your face skin comes in contact with the lip flesh.

The corner lip lift surgery is a time-friendly cosmetic procedure which induces minimal bruising and swelling. You can resume normal activities within 10 days from the surgery. The surgeon will remove the sutures after about 6 days.