GMAT Preparation: How to Draft an Effective Study Plan?

A good and valid GMAT score along with a good profile accelerates your chances of getting into the B-school of your choice. Hence, before you begin your application process for your preferred business schools, you must take the GMAT examination. Here is a brief guide on how to draft a study plan to prepare for the GMAT. But, before we begin, let us take a look at how to register for the GMAT. 

GMAT Registration Process 

The GMAT is a standardised, computer-based examination taken by those who are keen on applying to business schools. If you wish to take the GMAT, you must register on the official GMAT website, However, before you begin your registration process, you must make sure you are eligible for the GMAT. You can do so by looking up the GMAT eligibility criteria 2022 online. If you are eligible for the exam, you can proceed to register yourself on the official website by creating a profile. 

After you have created a profile on the GMAT, you will need to fill in your details and academic qualifications. The next step after filling in your details would be to select the exam date and choose your test center. There are no specific GMAT dates as the GMAT is available to you all through the year. This means you can choose a date according to your convenience. 

Once you have selected the exam date, you need to choose a test center close to you. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most test centers have been shut down or are not operating anymore. Hence, make it a point to contact your nearest test center and check beforehand. 

The last step of the registration process, after selecting your exam date and test center, is to make the payment. The cost of the GMAT exam is $213 in India, which is approximately 15,828 INR. Once you have made the payment, you have successfully registered for the GMAT. After you have registered for the GMAT, the next step would be to begin preparing for the exam.

 Let us take a look at how to draft a study plan to prepare for the GMAT effectively.

How to Draft a Study Plan for GMAT?

After you have registered for the GMAT, you need to begin preparing for the exam. Preparing for the GMAT can be challenging and overwhelming. But, a meticulous study plan will help you ease the preparation process.  Before you begin to draft a study plan, you must acquaint yourself with the GMAT exam pattern. You can do so by taking a mock test.

The next step would be to set a target score. With a target score in mind, you can draft a study plan effectively to achieve your desired score. When drafting the study plan, make sure to allow an equal amount of time for each of the GMAT sections. Once you have a detailed study plan in place, you can begin learning the GMAT concepts. 

A commonly asked question among GMAT candidates is, which GMAT exam book should we use to prepare for the GMAT? When preparing for the GMAT, the best source or book you can refer to is the GMAT official guide. The GMAT official guide not only helps you understand and learn the fundamental concepts but also gives you access to sample questions to practice with. Once you are confident and are familiar with the GMAT concepts, you can take official GMAT mock tests in regular intervals to assess how well you are prepared for the exam. 

You are now aware of how to draft an effective study plan for the GMAT. If you draft a meticulous study plan and follow through with it, there is no doubt you will ace the GMAT. All the best!