Looking for a customs broker in the United States? Here’s a helpful read!

All merchants have to pay customs duty to import goods from outside the country. Nowadays, Clearit USA customs brokerage and some other companies provide one of the finest online customs clearance services in the USA. It is easier than it sounds, and you will realize it by the end of the article. 

What is online customs brokerage?

Customs clearance is necessary for both commercial and personal imports. With the help of a customs broker, you can clear customs and release the products you want to import. 

With online brokerage services, you can get the clearance in no time. Since these online brokers are becoming very popular, you can give them a try if you are new to importing shipments. 

Factors to choose a customs broker company 

Since there are so many brokerage companies today, it is quite difficult to pick one amongst them. However, you can look if the companies you selected have the following traits:

  • If the customs broker company offers good quality service at cheap costs, it will make the company look attractive. The websites will display brokerage fees, and by looking at them, you can make a decision. 
  • Similarly, check if the company compromises on compliance. Try to choose a company that goes through your submitted details multiple times before sending them for customs clearance. If you send documents with any error, it will delay the customs clearance process. 

Customer service and communication are also key factors that determine whether you choose a customs broker. Some companies like Clearit provide dedicated agents to attend to your cases. If you like to get instant responses and updates on your clearance, the live agents will help you with them. 

What document do you need for customs clearance?

You have to scan and submit the following documents along with basic contact details.

  1. Commercial invoice
  2. Bill of lading 
  3. Importer Security Filing (ISF)
  4. Permits as required

How to file the ISF?

Importers have to provide information to Customs Border Protection to receive ocean cargo. 

Your customs broker will file the ISF before the cargo leaves the source port. You have to provide information regarding the vendor, supplier, etc. Contact your customs broker to get clarity on the information you have to give.

Concluding thoughts 

Customs clearance has become easier than ever before with online brokers. All you have to do is pick the right customs broker, provide all the necessary details, pay the fee, and get ready to receive your imported cargo.