Make your marketing more eco-friendly

We discussed last week how it’s in the reusable bags for the holidays. This week, we wanted to elaborate on that notion with one gift that will ensure consumers remember your brand. And this thing is reasonably priced.

Your staff will appreciate our custom reusable shopping bags. Furthermore, these recycling bags are an excellent method to keep employees involved and aware that management is concerned no matter where they work.

Here are some ideas on how your company might offer the gift of recycling to its workers and important contacts this holiday season.

Recycling made simple

Recycling is often a problem in apartments and multifamily housing. This challenge has only been exacerbated by the fact that many individuals continue to work from home.

Reusable recycling bags help to solve the recycling issue. Recycling bags demonstrate their use by making it simple to gather goods for recycling in flats, multifamily buildings, and home offices.

Excellent offer

Our recyclable recycle bags may be totally personalized. Change the bag’s design and add full-color custom printing on both sides to make it reflect your business and aid in recycling.

Making reusable recycled bags is an excellent approach to maximizing your budget while broadening the reach of your business.


It may seem premature to make an order for Christmas presents, but it is critical to do it as soon as possible.

There are always delays during the holidays since so many orders come in.

There are also fears about material shortages as the holidays approach. You may prevent these possible delays by ordering immediately.

If you order early, you’ll have your luggage in hand and ready to travel when the holidays arrive.

The benefits of going green

Everyone understands the need for recycling, and our reusable recycling bags are ideal for doing so.

Where containers (popular in curbside recycling systems) fail, these bags succeed.

They are small and take up little room. Furthermore, they are quite simple to a position near a desk, whether on the floor or hanging from a doorknob, or just about anywhere.

A handle on the bottom of the bag makes it simple to dump the contents, and laminated fabric keeps spills from food items contained.

The option to print personalized artwork on both sides is maybe the most appealing feature of these bags. You may add not just your branding information, but also useful recycling information.

Lack of knowledge and comprehension are important barriers to recycling. Breaking things down and describing what may be recycled allows individuals to make more educated choices, which increases recycling rates.

Reusable recycling bags are obviously useful for recycling, but they also make terrific gift bags. Include extra environmentally friendly promotional goods in your personalized bag to make a well-rounded and considerate present that your workers and important connections will appreciate.

Holiday season in green

Custom earth promos have been helping clients become green by creating unique promotional goods for over a decade. These things lessen the need for the consumption of throwaway items while also promoting your brand.

We collaborate with our manufacturer to simplify the process and save time and money. We also have iso certification, which demonstrates our commitment to assisting our consumers and supplying a high-quality product.