Pizza- Some interesting facts to know 

The pizza craze has been ever-growing. With people still in love with the Italian dish, it is impossible to ignore the reasons behind this desire. Everyone has a different liking for pizza, some prefer it because of its yummy taste, some love it as it is the best thing for snacking when busy, and for some, it is their happy choice. But irrespective of the reasons, pizza has successfully made its place in the hearts of the foodie as well as minimalist eaters. Try talking to someone on diet and they will best explain to you why Double Pizza Montreal is the best. Well, till then let us know some interesting facts about pizza:

Where did pizza originate?

Pizza originated in southwestern Italy’s Campania region, home to the city of Naples. However, they became more popular after World War II because of the large number of soldiers placed in Italy.

Which is the most ordered pizza?

Pepperoni is the most ordered pizza in the US. Around 252 million pounds of pepperoni is consumed by people in America annually. Because of the delicious and flavorful taste, 36% of the pizza ordered has pepperoni topping.

How much pizza is consumed in the US?

Shockingly, according to statistics, more than 90% of Americans order pizza at least once a month. Isn’t it a huge number? Well, it is only for the US, imagine the numbers all around the world.

Where did the first pizzeria open in the US?

New York City is well-known for its delicious pizza and it was also the home of the first-ever pizzeria that opened in the US. It opened as a grocery store before it turned into a pizzeria in the 1900s. The dish became so popular that New York has a pizza named after it.

The love for pizza is widely known but some people are so fascinated by it that they made a pizza worth $12,000 and named it Louis XIII.  The craziness doesn’t stop here, there is also a pizza in the world that was made in Rome and measured 122’ 8” in diameter. Can you imagine a pizza so big? The pizza was named Ottavia and was made to spread awareness about healthy food. When you hear about pizza, you only think of the toppings and the yummy taste, but these were some interesting facts about pizza that will strike your mind whenever you order pizza in the future.