Top Quartz Countertop Designs to Choose From

If you are passionate about style and elegance, you will try to put in the best effort to alleviate the look and feel of your house. In this regard, your kitchen is what requires the most attention. It is also a space which gives you full freedom to experiment not just with your cooking but with its aesthetics too, allowing you a lot more flexibility. This is where kitchen countertops come into the picture. They are the most vital parts of any kitchen design. Among them, quartz is a material which is very popular because of its pristine appeal and strength. Since quartz is available in a wide range of options, here are some of the top ones for you to choose from.

Milky white quartz

Most people often refrain from choosing any other material except quartz for their countertops. And, milky white is the color they pick right away. This design normally has patches and streaks of black in it, which can provide your kitchen with a ravishing and elegant look instantly. You can easily pair your cabinetry in cream or white to complete the look.

L-shaped quartz 

Since the kitchen is regarded as the busiest area of your home, you need it to be functional in every way possible. You need to design it in a way that it is highly effective as well as space-saving. So, if you want to make the most out of your kitchen, go with the L-shaped quartz slabs, which are designed in the most efficacious way to suit your unique requirements.

Monochromatic quartz

The kitchen designs which involve quartz bear a unique charismatic value. This is why this stone is still in vogue. You can uplift your decor game even more by installing monochromatic quartz in your space. To complement the overall look, you can add white quartz on top of it and black quartz on its sides.

Multi-colored quartz

Multi-colored quartz has the prettiest designs and come with multiple features to serve your different purposes. It is normally considered an art when the colors like ginger, white, yellow and black amalgamate to create mesmerizing shades and amazing quartz designs.

So, if you want your kitchen to be as amazing as the above-mentioned designs, go with the options that best suits your space. Explore the widest range of countertops from Granite au Sommet quartz countertop collection and give your kitchen that much-needed style.