Travel Insurance Promotion in Singapore

Individuals looking for daily Covid-19 overseas quarantine allowances to trip cancellation refunds can check the wide range of travel insurance plans available. After two years of the pandemic, travelling looks like an unattainable dream. But with a suitable travel insurance promo Singaporethings can be much easier. In this article, you can explore the features of the different travel insurance plans which can come to your rescue.

HLAS CovidSafe Travel Protect 360

The biggest aspect of the HLAS CovidSafe Travel Protect 360 is the high personal liability coverage of a maximum limit of S$1,000,000. Apart from that, you also get coverage for medical expenses overseas of up to S$500,000. The local medical expenses coverage is up to S$20,000. For baggage delay, you get from S$100 to S$1200 every six hours.

It comes with a Covid-19 coverage, and travellers who contact the virus can get S$10000 and get S$100 per day a hospital cash benefit. The amount can go up to S$2000 if hospitalized. For ‘the Superior and Enhanced plan,’ individuals get unlimited coverage in emergencies. If your trip gets cancelled because of Covid-19, get reimbursement up to S$2000 for compensation for the cancellation fee and inconvenience. The promotion you get on a single trip is a 50% discount with ‘No Claim Discount’ and free coverage for each tenth customer. It also gives a 40% discount on annual trips with a ‘No Claim Discount.’

Apart from this insurance policy, several other schemes are also available in the market, which you can look for.

Allianz Partners Travel Insurance

This specific travel plan can be a suitable option for travellers who are planning to visit while being hospitalised or falling sick because of an accident. It also includes medical coverage benefits which comprise medical excavation, attention, and assistance during the trip.

This insurance offers unlimited dental and medical expenses coverage under the Platinum plan. Also, it includes the highest coverage, unlimited emergency transport, etc. It gives up to S$25000 claims for trip interruption and cancellation and S$15,000 for baggage coverage, cruise, sports, and replacement assistance coverage. The promotion from this insurance policy is a 35% discount on Single, Family, and Annual plans using the promo code TRAVELSAFER. This policy is valid till the 30th of June 2022, and you also get cashback up to S$20 on spending more than S$200.

AIG Travel Guard Direct 

The AIG Travel Guard Direct gives up to S$2,500,000 for overseas medical expenses. This value is highest compared to other travel insurance plans and offers S$10,000 reimbursement for loss of baggage, unlimited medical evacuation, etc. With this scheme, you do not have to worry about what to do if you are detected with Covid. Also, you can be free of the mental stress of falling ill as they will offer the right allowances whenever needed.

FWD Travel Insurance 

Just like you get a car insurance quote before availing of an insurance policy, the same thing applies here. While applying for FWD Travel Insurance, you can get a quote. It offers overseas medical expense coverage of S$1,000,000. However, the amount might not be too huge, but decent enough. Also, if there is a delay in your baggage, you get S$900. For damaged or stolen belongings, you will get up to S$7,500. It also comes with a seamless claim process as they have cashless medical claims. The promotion you get is a 10% discount, and the code is TRAVEL10. Also, you get a reward of S$10 Cash through PayNow.

Sompo Travel (COVID-19) Insurance

This insurance scheme includes Superior and Essential plans and provides several levels of coverage. Under this plan, you will be granted S$500,000 disablement coverage and accidental death and S$400,000 coverage for medical expenses. It also has high personal liability coverage of up to S$1,000,000. For postponing and cancellation, you will get a reimbursement of up to S$10,000.

Starr Cruise To Nowhere Travel Insurance

While planning to visit on a cruise-to-nowhere trip, this insurance gives a decent amount and covers against accidental death. Also, you will be linked to immediate transportation and medical services in no time. It covers curtailment and trip cancellation of up to S$1000. They also cover overseas medical expenses. The promotion to apply here is up to S$20 via PayNow and is valid till the 31st of May 2022.

Final Thoughts 

Finally, you can look for the best travel insurance scheme available from the above options. If needed, you can also check the parameter to consider for how to buy car insurance in Singapore