What Is the Right Time to Take Your Child to A Podiatrist?

Feet is the most neglected part of the body since childhood. We always tend to care about the nose, eyes, teeth, and hands, but we never take so much pain to care about our foot. Foot problems are very common amongst adults or athletes but sometimes it even starts at an early childhood age. Thus, it is important to have regular check-up with your podiatrist even for a kid or at an early age.

If your kid is going through some foot pain and needs some remedy for the same, it is better to help from a pediatric podiatrist Orange county. Dr. Sima Soltani is one such specialist and a podiatrist here in Irvine. In her clinic, they run programs for kids to spread awareness among parents to have their children’s feet checked up regularly. They also provide free group visits for kids who have foot problems. Let us learn more about a podiatrist.

Who is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a well-trained university health professional who does the diagnosis and the treatment for any lower legs and foot-related problems. They treat any foot-related injuries and wounds. If necessary, also perform surgeries. They will advise you on how to deal with foot problems and the ways to walk and run appropriately.

A pediatric podiatrist is a children’s foot doctor who treats foot-related problems in kids. you will find them in clinics, public and private hospitals, and community health centers.

Why does your child need a podiatrist?

Here are some reasons why your kid may need a podiatrist’s help:

  • Regular foot and leg pain, especially in cases like Sever’s disease
  • Sport-related injuries
  • Unable to balance or concerns related to motor skills
  • Skin problems like warts, corns, or calluses
  • Nail conditions like ingrown nails, infections in the toenails, odd-shaped toenails
  • Walking problems like limping while walking
  • Foot appearances like high or low arches
  • Advice related to shoes

For any such problems, the podiatrist can work with your child and develop a treatment plan that will help your child to remain active.

What kind of footwear is best for your child?

When your child is small, they don’t need to wear any shoes until they start to walk. Avoid keeping your babies tightly wrapped in blankets as this will restrict their leg movements. Make your kids walk at home barefoot when it is safe for them to do so. There are higher chances of foot deformity if your kid is made to wear ill-fitting shoes until their foot is completely formed by the age of 18 years.

While choosing socks for your kids, select the ones made of natural materials rather than those stretch fits. When buying a shoe, choose the area-wide and round, so that they can move their toes properly. Avoid getting shoes with heels, as heels may lead to foot deformity.

As pediatric foot doctor, they would always advise you to start taking care of your kid’s foot at an early stage itself. Because neglecting any foot problems is just like inviting severe trouble.