Cheapest places to buy property in Nottingham

Nottingham is a great place to live in or invest in properties in the UK. It is a bustling city of students and young people due to the many campuses of the University of Nottingham spread around. It is ranked as one of the cheapest places for recent graduates and young families to live in depending on the property’s proximity to the city’s centre. Transportation is cheap due to its network of buses, taxis, trains and trams. Shops, restaurants and bars are plentiful and services are quite affordable.

Nottingham housing is cheaper than what is obtainable in Bristol, Newcastle, Manchester and others. This means that investing in properties in Nottingham will yield a good return on investment in 2022. The average house price is £281,000 but this price can go lower in places like Radford, Wollaton, Forest Field, Sherwood Street, Basford and Bulwell.

  1. Wollaton (Average property price of £332,708)

Wollaton is a popular residential area in Nottingham and home to Wollaton hall which has its own museum, golf course, deer park and lake.  There are good bus routes to Nottingham City Centre and a range of shops, local pubs and excellent schools. Some areas of attraction are Wollaton Library and Wollaton Park that has hosted many events and concerts.  Property in Wollaton has an average value of £332,708.

  1. Radford (Average property price of £204,239)

Radford’s population is a mix of West Indians, Africans, South Americans, Arabs and Asians. This is a result of its low cost of housing. Buying properties in choice location always give good yield and Radford is one of those choice places in Nottingham. Many students of the University of Nottingham and University of Trent live there. If you are considering buying properties to let in Radford, it is a good idea towards catering for the town’s growing accommodation needs. The average value of property in Radford is £173,000 – £204,239.

  1. Forest Field (Average property price of £160,000)

Forest Field is an inner-city area in Nottingham. Berridge Road in Forest Fields is a busy street with many Asian shops. A major area of attraction is Forest Field Park. The average value of property in Forest Field is £15000 – £160,000 for a sale to cash buyers.

  1. Basford (Average property price of £148,000)

Basford is a diversified area in Nottingham with whites predominant in Old Basford and Asians  and Blacks in New Basford. It has tram services and shops. Some parts of Basford are known to be rough. A fun place in Basford is New Basford Play Area and Green park. The average house price in Basford is £148,000 – £200,000

  1. Bulwell (Average property price of £137,506)

According to Wales Cash Buyers, Bulwell is another affordable area with its terraced houses and first-time buyer properties. It is a good location for living or investing in. The town has shuttle buses, local taxi park and train access to Nottingham. There is a good number of businesses – shops, bars and restaurants. There are  community groups that newcomers can join.  A major area of attraction is Bulwell Forest Garden. Since the pandemic, prices in Bulwell houses have increased. The average value of property in Bulwell used to be £115,000 but is now at £137,506.