How To Plan For An Indoor Movie Night

Movies are the source of entertainment enjoyed by all. Especially when you plan your movie with your family, it gives you a chance to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. Organizing a movie saves the cost of a ticket and allows you to spend quality time with your family.

Whether with your family, friends, or one-off with the kids, it needs proper organizing for movie night. Make a plan and execute it properly so that it will become one of the best movie nights you have ever enjoyed. Even Kara Ari-Rama 6 (KARA อารีย์พระราม 6, which is the term in Thai) housing projects include a theater room in their project that can make your movie night awesome.

Planning For An Indoor Movie Night Includes

·       Arrangement Of Basic Things

You don’t have to make big arrangements for throwing a movie, but the smaller ones make your movie night excellent. The large screens and a good sound system are all you need. Make all seating arrangements so that everyone can comfortably sit and enjoy their free time. Keep the blanket with you and dim the room’s light to have a theater-like feeling. Kara Ari-Rama 6  has designed the theater room so that everyone can enjoy their movie time to its fullest.

·       Prepare The List Of Movies

Since you are organizing movies at your home, you must have a bucket list of the film for your friends and family. Try to understand the interest of your friend you invited and invite those who have a common interest. The selection of movies should be such that enjoyed by all as they are giving their valuable time to you.

·       Provide Delicious Snacks

The movie is incomplete without snacks. So be sure to make proper arrangements for snacks. You may ask your friends to bring some with them or arrange all yourself. With snacks, have some plates and tissue papers to avoid mess. Popcorns, water, soda, and the candy is the best option you can offer.

·       No Use Of Phones

When you come together to enjoy a great movie, make a strict rule for your mobile phones. Ask your friends and family to keep the phone away and concentrate only on the film. It helps them enjoy the movie rather than looking and focusing on their phones.


Movie night gives a communal experience to you and your friends, and everyone enjoys the twist, laughter, and emotions together. Kara Ari-Rama 6, in their project, kept in mind all the essential things required in the theater room.