What Makes A Server Good: Best Faction Servers Minecraft

Get to know other players and the community on any server by playing Factions in Minecraft. You may also engage in PvP with other Factions to access the resources you need. An anti-griefing authorization system and the ability to claim the property as your own are only some of the Best Faction Servers Minecraft’s advantages.

It’s up to the faction leaders to decide who may access their territory, unlock treasures, and more. To construct your faction’s history, you may declare war and form alliances by creating unique relations to your group. The best way to join a faction is to ask for an invitation to a recruitment chat. Type r: followed by your message to post in the recruiting conversation.

  • /f is the command to start a new faction.
  • The /f list command displays a comprehensive list of all factions.
  • Faction information may be found with the command /f display faction name.
  • Players’ information is shown with the command /f player name>.
  • You may join a faction by typing /f join faction name>.
  • To quit a faction, use /f leave.
  • This command takes you to your faction home.
  • You may see the territorial map about your current location by typing /f map.
  • To communicate with members of just your faction, enter the private chatroom by using the F key.

Things About Factions

Claims to territory within the Best Faction Servers Minecraft are made in chunks. A chunk is a 16×16 block area that extends from the bottom of the earth. There must be a 5-chunk gap between the claims of the two factions. The more power a group has, the more portions it may claim. A faction’s claim power is equal to the total of the claims of all its members.

  • Using /f seechunk, you can show exactly where you are about the chunk.
  • Toggle between a huge screen title and a chat message when entering faction land with /f territorytitles.
  • You may see the territorial map about your current location by typing /f map.
  • Use the /f claim base command to seize control of a piece of faction land.
  • One chunk is claimed when you use /f claim one.
  • This command may fill in the center of a claim in a circle.
  • Claim square radius claims the desired radius for the intended square. /f claim square, the desired radius may be claimed by using the /f claim circle radius command.
  • The /f unclaim base command may remove a faction’s claim to a specific area.
  • the only chunk you’re in is unclaimed by /f unclaim one
  • Automatic unclaimed chunks are provided by /f unclaim. To turn it off, type again.
  • Using the /f unclaim fill option, you may remove your claim to the whole chunk you’re currently in.