Top mistakes when building a house without a solid floor plan

Building a house is the goal of many people. Nevertheless, errors in construction end up generating losses with rework. There are also several mishaps and situations that delay the work. It is possible to preserve yourself with some care and tips. In today’s article, find out, which are the most common floor plan mistakes and stay tuned.

Planning is the key to avoiding construction errors

Good planning is essential to avoid mistakes when building a house. Make sure you have a competent and experienced supervisor in charge so that everything goes according to the project. It is better to wait a little longer to have a quality service than to take the work to the touch of cash and then suffer from errors in construction. In the mean time, you can download Foyr Neo 3D interior design and floor plan creator, and facilitate your idea.

Inadequate floor trim

The level of slope of the floor is essential for the flow of water in a perfect way, avoiding puddles and infiltrations. The percentage of sag must be defined in the project, as well as the correct orientation of the flow direction. The efficiency of this slope must be tested even during the work, so that any errors in the construction are corrected.

Use of inappropriate ink

Stains, color variations and unexpected textures can appear in the short term if the paint used is not suitable for the environment. It is necessary to respect the specifications of paint and its application form indicated by the manufacturer. Premium paints tend to have more durability despite not always yielding as much as common ones and being more expensive. It is good to remember that the application of paint is not merely an aesthetic issue, but also a functional one.

Poorly made waterproofing

The lack or poor quality of waterproofing is one of the most common mistakes in construction and results in stained floors and walls, rotting of some materials, detachment of plaster and coatings, and even eventual damage to the foundation system. There is a wide variety of waterproofing products available on the market. Some must be incorporated into the mortar, others applied directly on the already constructed surfaces.

Undersize the electrical and hydraulic networks

A very common mistake is the under sizing of the electrical and hydraulic networks. It is necessary to take into account that houses have several household appliances and electronics. Besides having an outlet every two meters in each room, the wiring and voltage must be suitable for the use of several appliances simultaneously.

The hydraulic network must take into account the increase in the number of people using the house due to a possible growth in family. The bad dimensioning of the pipes and connections generates loss of load and little force in the exit of the water. On the other hand, the plant must provide for the correct positioning of the water tank, which must be at a sufficient height to compensate for the subtraction of water pressure during the path in the pipes. Both the hydraulic and electrical design must be developed by a qualified professional.