What Is The Right Time To Switch To Senior Dog Food?

Among the various senior dog foods That are labelled for mature, ageing, and senior dogs it’s hard to make a decision when to switch your older dogs to it. Switching to senior pet food is usually considered depending on the nutritional needs of the dog and  dog food delivery bangalore. Ageing in dogs is related to lower energy requirements and weight gaining tendency. Pet food that is labelled as ‘senior’ varies in ingredients and nutritional profiles making it very important to make an informed decision while making changes to their diet as well as take care of your puppy with puppy food.

Do you need to make the switch?

Dogs are considered individuals. So whether or not they are 6 or 16 years old it would not necessarily imply that they are biologically ‘old’. It’s extremely important to understand the stages of your dog’s life. The ageing process depends on multiple factors like breed, genetics, and health issues so, whether or not the dog food is marked for older dogs

Your dog’s health status may be a key factor that helps you decide whether you need to make the switch to senior dog food. Your veterinarian can provide you with the simplest advice based on your dog’s health status. Switching to senior pet food helps to prevent or manage your dog’s diseases or increase longevity.

After getting guidelines from your veterinarian ensure your furry pal is ready for the switch. A method of switching dog food is by introducing the senior version of the same food. This helps as they’re given the same variety, texture and even taste and helps because it avoids any digestive discomfort and diarrhoea. If your current brand doesn’t offer a senior version, search for other brands that may offer the same or required nutritional values.

Another step you’ll take is by introducing them to small dog treats that have the same ingredients and nutritional values they require. This will help in figuring out what your dog would like and also if it supports their health status.

Are you trying to find the best gluten-free options for the switch?

Our Coconut Crunch treats are an enormous hit with our furry friends, with the choice of fat separated coconut to ensure a healthy gut for your older dogs. Since it’s made with real coconut and no added preservatives, it provides natural antioxidants that help keep your doggos healthy!

Dog food seasoning powder

Hesitant to start out with small dog treats? Try our multi-vitamin dog food seasoning made with 100% natural ingredients and packed with vitamins and calcium supplements that helps with not just appetite but overall growth. Made with the simplest Himalayan cheese, this seasoning will ensure older dogs will remain and feel healthy and happy.

Puffy Bars

We understand how senior dogs experience dental issues and need specific textures when it comes to treats and food so, don’t worry because we got their back with our tasty Puffy Bars .Being rich in protein and simply digestible, these soft treats are the dream come true for your fur buddy!


With our selection of senior dog foods and treats, you’ll easily make a stress-free transition and keep your dogs healthy and happy! . Good quality senior dog treats and food are extremely important for an older dog with complex health conditions therefore choosing appropriate senior dog foods has got to be done meticulously. The higher the food, the healthier and happier they’re going to be!