How To Become More Productive At Work

Our busy working areas today make it impossible to complete tasks that we have been assigned until the end of the day. We often struggle to finish all our work on time with constant meetings and long to-do lists.

To avoid working for hours on end, the best way to work efficiently is to leave the office at 5pm. You can increase work efficiency (การ เพิ่ม ประสิทธิภาพ ใน การ ทํา งาน, which is the term in Thai) in the workplace with these 5 tips for managing your time.

You’re going to get super stressed if you leave a project half-completed. When you have an unfinished task hanging over your head, how can you move on to the next?

You feel happier and more relaxed after completing a task because endorphins are released. Don’t let your energy dwindle, and finish the chores on your list before moving on.

  • Establish A Weekly Schedule In Advance

You will spend less time procrastinating and more time making sense of what needs to be done next if you have a good to-do list. Spend an hour drafting a detailed plan on what you have to complete each week. Then, choose those tasks that need to be accomplished first, and you won’t waste time completing them.

  • Keep An Eye On The Time

Logging the amount of time you spend on each project is a good way to measure how efficient you are. It will help you identify which tasks are taking a chunk out of your day and where you can be more efficient if you write down how much time you spend on each task and activity (including random conversations with colleagues).

  • Taking Regular Breaks Is Important

You can increase your productivity by taking breaks. Without looking away from your work area, you cannot perform your duties with the same level of efficiency. During an activity, you should rest every 60 minutes in order to maintain focus – as scientists say you cannot focus for more than 60 minutes at a time.

  • Ensure Your Comfort

When it comes to increase work efficiency, it is important to feel comfortable at work. When you wear jeans that don’t quite fit right, you tend to focus on the way they dig into your skin and not what needs to get done. A discomforting chair can lead to over an hour of fidgeting every day just to get relief from pain.